FilterHub Updated for Managing Adobe Photoshop Filters

If you simply use the filters supplied with Photoshop or Elements, then FilterHub provides some new ways of working with these. But if you employ lots of third-party filters, this may well be what you have long been waiting for to solve a problem that Adobe apparently is apparently unaware of. Because, let's face it, the Filter menu soon becomes an unwieldy time-waster once you start adding multiple third-party plugins. The problem is that there's no fast way to select such add-ons — you need to click on Filter, mouse down the list and then navigate to the desired sub-sub-sub menu. Creating actions and keystroke shortcuts provides some relief, but these aren't really scalable.

To the rescue comes FilterHub, from veteran plugin developer The Plugin Site. The FilterHub panel remains open to display a configurable list of filters and plugins, and provides one- or two-click access to any filter. Useful enough, but it also allows users to go beyond the capabilities of the Filter menu, notably by being able to apply the last effect of any filter (not just the one last used) without displaying its dialog. Users can also paint or erase filter effects with the brush tool. It can run multiple filters from the favorites list with one click and renders the same filter effect on multiple layers in one or more passes. It can also apply multiple filters on multiple layers with one click.

Not enough? Before running a filter, FilterHub can create a duplicated layer, a merged copy of all layers (a stamped layer), a smart object or flatten the image. One of the limitations of the Filter menu is that it disables filters that do not officially support smart filtering or a particular image mode. FilterHub does not have these limitations and can apply any filters to smart objects, even those that are disabled on the Filter menu. Also handy is that if a filter does not support the current image mode, FilterHub automatically displays a list of supported modes, preselects the best suited one and converts the image accordingly. This saves users from having to try out different modes until the right one is discovered.

Version 1.5 adds support for multiple monitors and the ability to install it into the common plugin folder of all Photoshop CC versions. It also offers all features, which were already available in Photoshop, in Photoshop Elements - provided that The Plugin Site's ElementsXXL 4.02 (or higher) is also installed. FilterHub now allows applying filters as smart filters and is able to display the ElementsXXL versions of the Curves, Black & White and Shadows/Highlights filters. Additionally it can now launch the Color Balance, Exposure, Vibrance and Selective Color filters of ElementsXXL, the Dehaze filter of Photoshop Elements 14/15 and the Adjust Facial Features filters of Photoshop Elements 15.

FilterHub for Adobe Photoshop CS4-CC for Mac and Windows and Elements 2 and higher for Windows can be purchased from The Plugin Site for $39.95. Trial versions are also available for download.