PDF2ID Updated for Adobe InDesign Conversion from PDF

PDF2ID converts PDF documents to Adobe InDesign CC format. Operating as a plugin, PDF2ID performs the conversion from within InDesign, thereby eliminating the need for dedicated PDF conversion tools. Each page in the PDF file is converted to an equivalent in the resulting InDesign document.

PDF2ID will try to preserve the layout while reconstructing data, with the conversion process automatically forming paragraphs, applying styles, regrouping independent graphic elements, extracting images, creating tables and recovering annotations and other elements automatically. It will also transform gradients in a PDF file to an equivalent in InDesign, apply clipping paths to images, convert text on a path to an InDesign representation, as well as create equivalents for transparencies and graphics transformations. The plugin is said to use an interface similar to that of InDesign and supports English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Western European-language data contained in PDF documents.

PDF2ID provides detailed conversion controls such as converting the entire PDF or XPS file; extracting only text; or recovering only images and annotations contained in a PDF and XPS document, allowing fine-tuning the conversion process. As well as support for Adobe InDesign, it also supports Windows XPS (XML Paper Specification) files and is said to convert them to fully editable InDesign files. In addition it provides native recognition of Illustrator (.ai) files saved with the PDF compatibility option.

New in version 4.6 is support for InDesign Creative Cloud 2017; table construction enhancements; and improvements to the handling and application of compound paths and graphics for better reproduction in InDesign.

PDF2ID 4.6 Standard for Mac and Windows is available for purchase on the Recosoft site for $199. The Professional edition is priced at $299, with a trial version also available.