Adobe Releases Free Kuler App for Color Theme Creation

Announced in 2011, the iPhone version is accompanied by the ability to sync colors and an updated website.

Adobe's Kuler website has for some years proved to be a popular way for users to explore color themes created and shared by others, as well as to create their own, and then use them within Creative Suite applications for work on their own projects. In fact, Adobe claims that the site has "a million members to date," although no doubt many of those are not active users. So it's good to see that Kuler has now been given a refresh to make it tablet friendly and more compatible with current-generation browsers.

The free iPhone app (the earlier Android app remains available) enables users to "catch color inspiration no matter where they are." More concretely, iPhone users can create a theme from what their iPhone camera is seeing, without the need to take a photo. In addition, the new Sync Colors feature extends this by creating a connection between Kuler and Illustrator CC (the Creative Cloud version of Illustrator) to incorporate colors into vector artwork. The idea here is that users can sync themes via the Kuler website for them to become accessible inside Illustrator CC. Hopefully, Adobe will have resolved the synching problems current Creative Cloud users are experiencing, prior to the June launch of the new CC applications.

This post in the Adobe forums helps clarify things: "Creative Cloud users can access all their themes directly within Illustrator CC. To access your themes, open the Kuler panel by choosing Window > Kuler. You can also access your themes and create new ones in the latest version of Adobe Ideas. For users who prefer to explore and browse themes created by members of the Kuler community first, we recommend using the web site — where you will find robust search, filter, and browsing capabilities. Once you find something you like, simply mark it as favorite and then refresh your Kuler panel in Illustrator. For Photoshop, InDesign, Fireworks and Flash Professional: Find the new Kuler panel by choosing Window > Kuler. This new panel displays all of your public themes. For users working on older versions of Adobe software (CS4, & CS5), Kuler themes can also be downloaded for use in Adobe software using the Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ase) format. To download a theme from Kuler, first make sure you’re signed in. Click on the theme you’d like and click Download. This downloads the theme as an .ase file to the location of your choice."

Users of CS3 and earlier are out of luck. As are those using Android, since Adobe announced last December that it was no longer updating the Android version. Why? Who knows.