Filter Forge 3 Photoshop Filter Creation Plugin Available as Free Beta

The updated texture generator is available both as a Photoshop plugin and as a standalone application.

What sets Filter Forge apart from other texture-generation tools is that it allows users to create new Photoshop filters for the generation of seamless textures, visual effects, distortions, patterns, backgrounds and frames. Filter effects are adjustable and editable, seamlessly tiled, resolution-independent and support real-world HDRI lighting. They can also generate diffuse, specular, bump and normal maps, essential for the creation of realistic textures.

The plugin is used by graphics pros, game studios, design agencies, photographers, and even the US military, which apparently used Filter Forge to design camouflage patterns. Those using the plugin have access to a library of more than 8,000 free textures and can receive a free copy of the plugin if a texture they create becomes popular with other users. The image below, by Constantin Malkov, employs three textures.

New features in the beta of version 3 include support for multiple source images, progressive previews, more preview images, hexadecimal color values in the Color Picker, HDR and alpha channel support for filter controls and a high-precision Color Inspector. The beta version of Filter Forge 3 for Mac and Windows can be downloaded on the Filter Forge site.