History Plugin for Adobe InDesign/InCopy Updated

The plugin brings the benefits of Photoshop's History palette to InDesign.

Ask Photoshop users creating documents of even modest complexity and they'll tell you that life without the History palette is simply unthinkable. The freedom to selectively return to previous states is liberating, freed from the sequential nature of Undo. The concept is so fundamental to creative freedom, that you'd expect to find it implemented in all Creative Suite applications. However, its glaring absence within InDesign/InCopy was clearly the starting part for DTP Tools to create a plugin to fill that gap.

The History plugin keeps track of user actions within InDesign documents, displaying states to which reversion is possible. It also provides the welcome ability to save versions on the list, complete with a thumbnail image and description. Version 2.2 creates smaller files, thanks to compression. Version management has also been improved, including the ability to resize version thumbnails.

History for Mac and Windows InDesign/InCopy CS2 and CS3 can be purchased on the DTP Tools site for $39. Trial versions are also available for download.