Quark Extends Flexibility of QuarkXPress Education License

The initiative follows recent moves by Quark to support fledgling designers.

Getting them while they're young has worked well for Apple and it's a strategy Quark seems to increasingly be following to encourage adoption of its XPress design application. The firm has recently introduced several related programs, such as new pricing for students and educators, curriculum development, training and broadening the availability of student licenses via such retailers as Amazon and Apple Online.

Education licenses now permit students to use XPress, Quark Interactive Designer and Quark Print Collection to produce commercial work for the marketplace while still in school. Once graduated, they can continue using their education licenses for the current version of QuarkXPress to generate commercial work. And if their current version starts to get dated, they can upgrade to the latest version of QuarkXPress after graduation at the commercial upgrade price, thereby eliminating the need to purchase a full copy of the application.

More information about the educational program is available on the Quark site.