QuarkXPress 7.2 Available As Free Update

The fourth maintenance release of QuarkXPress 7 is said to enhance reliability, increases performance and add functionality.

The latest update to QuarkXPress comes just before the long-awaited release of the CS3 version of Adobe's competing InDesign layout program, emphasizing the continuing struggle between these two applications for the hearts and minds of document designers. The free download to some extent combines recent improvements available separately, such as support for Windows Vista and Quark XPert Tools Pro, a popular suite of QuarkXPress XTensions, but it also resolves several technical issues as well as providing new functionality.

For example, Job Jackets technology was new in XPress 7, making it easier to ensure that print jobs adhere to user-defined specifications from the beginning of the design process to output. Users can now create new rules directly from a layout evaluation dialog box, as well as create and edit output specifications directly from the Output job dialog box, and create new layout specifications directly from the Layout menu. When flattening, users can now specify resolutions for different types of objects, such as vector graphics, drop shadows and blends. QuarkXPress 7.2 now supports Kodak’s new Color Management Module, which adds Black Point Compensation. Finally, Passport 7.2 users can now access user interfaces in five additional languages: Czech, Greek, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese and Turkish.

QuarkXPress 7.2 for Mac and Windows can be purchased on the Quark site. Trial versions are also available for download.