Evaluation Version of QuarkXPress 7 Now Available

Provided in Windows and Mac versions, the evaluation software is available for free download.Those who chose to skip the lengthy open beta and wait for the shipping version can now put QuarkXPress 7 through its paces. The software will run in a fully-featured manner before expiring in 30 days, at which point it must be purchased to launch the application and work with files created with it. The availability of the evaluation software follows on the heels of an announcement earlier this week of a Universal Binary version for Intel-based Macs, with this also available for evaluation.

XPress 7 is currently going through a honeymoon period since its May release, with it being the recipient of generally positive media coverage and even some awards, such as Best Creative Software at the UK Macworld Awards 2006 event. Certainly its support for OpenType and transparency, as well as the improved workflow functionality due to new Composition Zones and Job Jackets, as well as better Photoshop support, are enough to keep the Quark faithful from jumping ship to rival Adobe's InDesign. But Quark's real competitive advantage may well prove to be the availability of the Universal Binary version, catering to Quark's prediminantly Mac-based users who work in production evironments where potential speed advantages can provide immediate payback.

Evaluation versions of XPress can be downloaded from the Quark Web site.