Declaration Font Set Based on the Declaration of Independence

A new font set from P22 is drawn from the lettering of the document itself and also includes signatures of the signers. The P22 Declaration Script font replicates the classic 18th century penmanship found on period documents made with quill pens, often on parchment, with letters having a slightly irregular edge. An accompanying Blackletter font is also derived from the Declaration of Independence, where it was used for emphasis, as well for the title. A third font provides all 56 signatures from the document, including those of John Hancock and Benjamin Franklin.

P22 Declaration Pro in OpenType format combines all three fonts from the Regular set plus complete European diacriticals, sorts, discretionary ligatures, numerators and denominators, and alternate characters. Those still using PostScript and TrueType fonts can replicate this functionality the hard way by using the Declaration Alternate and Declaration Sorts fonts included with the regular three-font set.

Prices start at $19.95 for single fonts, and can be purchased on the P22 site.