New Adobe Creative Suite 2 Expert eSeminar Series Announced

The latest series of free eSeminars devoted to the Creative Suite, beginning February 21, is now open for registration. The most recent series was devoted to Adobe InDesign and hosted last October by David Blatner, well-known for his very public shift in allegiance from QuarkXPress to InDesign. The eSeminars page at that time carried such quotes from Blatner as "InDesign's text and typography features are so far beyond XPress, it's not funny," thereby causing the sessions to quickly be saturated by those smelling blood.

This time around Blatner is hosting one of three sessions, simply entitled InDesign Typography Tips and Tricks. However the site text indicates that "...he'll show you why he thinks Adobe InDesign CS2 is leaving QuarkXPress in the dust," so expect this session to reach capacity thanks to Quark users showing up to get his take on the upcoming XPress 7.

Less dramatic, but no less worthy, is a session by Anne-Marie Concepción on Adobe Bridge exploring workflow efficiency. And Mordy Golding (known to visitors for his Illustrator tutorials) will show off the new capabilities of Illustrator CS2.

More information and registration for the free one-hour sessions is provided on the Adobe site.