Adobe InDesign eSeminars Swamped with Registrations

A series of free live online seminars hosted by InDesign whiz David Blatner is proving wildly popular.David Blatner spent years establishing himself as one of the pre-eminent experts on all things QuarkXPress. Which makes his radical abandonment of XPress for the InDesign camp that much more striking. As author of such books as Real World InDesign and editorial director of InDesign Magazine and The Creative Suite Conference, Adobe takes some glee in referring to him as "formerly Mr. QuarkXPress."

The free Adobe-produced seminars, which begin November 1 and run until November 8, have such titles as The InDesign Advantage and InDesign for QuarkXPress Users. Adobe's message is clear—not only is XPress currently a second-rate application, but it has no future.

In Blatner, Adobe has found the perfect InDesign evangelist, who can take a hammer to XPress in such a way that Quark can't simply shrug off. Consider this quote on the eseminar site: "InDesign's text and typography features are so far beyond XPress, it's not funny." That hits XPress right where it hurts, since it has tried to maintain the identity of providing superior type management for years. Ouch! But here's the knockout punch: "Every major feature added to XPress in the past 5 years is fundamentally flawed, buggy, or half-baked." That would imply that 1999 was Quark's last good year. Bam, thud, KO.

With users smelling blood, the sessions have quickly filled up, with just the November 8 InDesign for QuarkXPress Users eseminar currently open. However, Adobe has now indicated it will be adding additional sessions to meet the "overwhelming response."

More information is available on the Adobe site