Video Demos, Tutorials Available for Project Dogwaffle

Santa Clarita, CA -- Dan Ritchie, author of the award winning paint and animation software Project Dogwaffle, has announced the availability of several new, free tutorials and video demos. "There have been many new features added in recent patches and updates,"said Ritchie."I wanted to use these videos to give a glimpse of the wealth of features now found in Dogwaffle. Plus, it's good to see how Dogwaffle can be used in conjunction with other programs, for example when you're doing 3D animations and need do add special FX or post work to it. Or if you're using Dogwaffle for lip-synching your cartoon characters against a Wave file, an audio track, using the new Exposure Sheet.

Or also when using images, perhaps saved from other imaging programs, and combining them into animated brushes to compose animations with the new Keyframer." Project Dogwaffle 2.1 is a feature-rich, very low-cost paint and animation program for artists using a PC with Windows 98 or higher. Under development for over 7 years, it has grown to contain a complete set of tools from drawing and sketching with Spline-interpolated drawing engine (Penny) to fractal particle systems, animated brushes, support for image sequences and AVI files, advanced lens flares, Wave files for audio track lip-synching, keyframing and Timeline application of filters for special FX such as light diffusion, snow/rain, mystic vision, contrast, embossing, blur, sharpen displacement, 3D wireframe and and much more.

These new videos in Windows Media 9 format (AVI files) are available for free downloading and viewing from

Some of the new video demos include:

- Fractal Particles for grass and bushes, shrubbery and fireworks, and more

- The timeline editor to apply filters with varying parameters across animations

- The Keyframer, to make animations with animated brushes

- the BrushFX plugin for making special effects brushes, great for space art

- the Exposure Sheet, for shaping the mouth against audio tracks

- Frames, for doing post work and improving CGI rendered output

- Treasure Map, an example of the Stroke player at work to animated trails

- the Buffer Menu and its many powerful features to rotate, crop, invert, resample etc... an image or a whole animation

- The SWAP buffer and how to use it for powerful effects

- customizing your Dogwaffle preferences

- Instant 3D wireframe plugins and more

There is a free version of Dogwaffle (currently v1.11b) as well as a commercial demo and the full version, by download or on CD. Several online stores and a few resellers/brokers now offer Project Dogwaffle to the artist community: