Veer Lowers Prices and Simplifies Purchase of Stock Content

The redesigned site seeks to broaden its reach by moving away from its graphic designer niche.

In June of last year we reported that rights-managed and premium royalty-free photography provider Veer had begun accepting submissions of images and illustrations for its venture into the microstock world, Veer Marketplace. This was a bit of a surprise, since the Veer approach to its content collection had always been to keep it small, but of high quality—which differentiated it both from less-expensive content providers and large entities, such as Getty Images. But while a cult favorite with designers, this boutique approach evidently had its limits in terms of potential customers. The latest site redesign has left this behind to such an extent that now "nearly anyone can add style to business, marketing and personal design projects ranging from websites and blog posts to business presentations and ad campaigns." Will this approach still find favor with its traditional graphic design customer base? Time will tell.

The offering is certainly much larger, with more than 1.5 million photos and illustrations now available. Accompanying that is a drop in price, with images starting at just $1. The rights-managed licensing model is no more, with everything now available royalty free. Images come with a license that authorizes individual unlimited web use up to 600 by 800 pixels as well as print reproduction rights up to 500,000 units. And this license can be extended for multiple users, unlimited reproduction or product resale. Images are protected by the Veer Customer Protection Plan, which provides customers free protection up to $10,000 in legal costs or damages if a claim is ever filed against an image.

Veer was always known for seeking out interesting fonts from smaller foundries, best expressed by its Veer Exclusive label, so it's good to see this initiative is still place. But the number of fonts has been bumped to 12,000, with some of them priced at just $10. At these prices, one can only hope that the rigorous standards of the "old' Veer are still functioning. Causes for optimism are that some of the popular site areas remain, such as the Veer Ideas community, The Skinny blog and the community blog, The Fat.

If you're unfamiliar with Veer, you can give it a spin by registering on the site to receive 10 free Veer Credits.