Text Cleaner Updated for Cleaning Adobe InDesign and Quark XPress Files

The latest version of MacLab's utility for cleaning long document files now supports InDesign and InCopy through CS5.5, as well as Mac OS X Lion.

When it comes to making changes to text within long InDesign or XPress files, designers are faced with the prospect of multiple search and replace operations. Text Cleaner is designed to speed such operations through automation, by allowing the user to define multiple replacements that can be completed with one click. Since it also works with plain text files, or even what's on the Clipboard, Text Cleaner can prove useful to web designers, as well as graphic designers and editors, who can use it to set or remove such things as em and en dashes, smart quotes and ligatures, and eliminate unwanted spaces, tabs and returns. Presets allow settings to be saved for quick access and import/export between workstations.

New in version 3.5 is increased support for InDesign, InCopy, XPress and Mac OS X Lion, as well as the ability to build custom cleaning operations with any ASCII character; the capture of invisible characters for custom cleaning; increased speed; and a new user guide.

Text Cleaner for Mac works with InDesign and InCopy CS3-CS5.5, and QuarkXPress 7-9. It can be purchased on the MacLab site for $89. A trial version is available for download.