Stock Photo Site Launches

The new site is the work of those behind the microstock and free image stock.xchng sites.

Stockfresh was founded by Peter Hamza and Andras Pfaff of Dream Group, who sold their first two photo sites to Jupiterimages, which in turn sold them to Getty Images in 2009. The duo subsequently sold their shares to again become independent and put their almost 10 years of stock photo experience to work to create a new service that in Hamza's words embodies "simplicity, quality, fair pricing and last but not least fair commissions." An implication that pricing and photographer payments on some stock photo sites is currently less than fair.

The site launches today with 100,000 images, a tiny amount compared to microstock offerings that typically number in the millions. However, users will recognize some of the names of the shooters that make up the current collection, and includes Yuri Arcurs, Ron Chapple's Iofoto, Monkey Business Images, Lev Dolgachov and Dmitriy Shironosovsuch. Images are available both individually and by subscription.