Stock Keeper Released for Mac Digital Asset Management

The new application makes it easier for users to find, save and manage online stock media and other digital assets.

"After spending over 13 years in the design and advertising worlds, I put my knowledge of that workflow into writing an application that solves the problem of managing images, media, and stock photography," says programmer Michael LaMorte. "Typically, designers spend hours and hours searching stock photo sites for their projects. And they spend even more hours managing those images and the images they use for each client. Everyone I know does this by hand, and it was time to fix that."

The result is Stock Keeper, which has its own web browser for finding and saving online stock media. The browser provides groups of bookmarks it calls Web Search Groups that open in tabs. 28 popular sources for online media are included, but users can add their own and create their own Search Groups. Files can be saved directly from the web browser into users' media libraries, complete with tags, notes and license information.

In addition to online sources, the program lets users add images, audio, video, EPS, PDF and other file types from any location. All media added is saved in Stock Keeper's own library, where it is locked and prevented from accidental edits. Users can browse through thumbnails of their media in an iPhoto-like collection, then select any asset for a larger preview and more information. Using media is as simple as dragging it out of Stock Keeper and into an application or double-clicking on it.

Stock Keeper 1 for Mac can be purchased on the Minder Softworks site for $19. A trial version is available download.