Resize Sense Mac Batch Image Resizer Updated

There are suites of graphics and publishing applications, there are the complex applications themselves and then are simple little utilities, typically inexpensive, that focus on performing particular tasks. Such a utility is Resize Sense, which is devoted specifically to batch resizing and cropping. You're dubious about the value proposition? Then it would seem you are lucky enough to never have had to perform such operations on a large number of images under deadline pressures.

So just what can this utility do? While manual adjustments for every operation are possible, the utility is based on using one or more editable presets to perform its magic, each with its own logic. For example, it can adjust the width and height of images, cropping them if necessary. Or adjust the width or height, with one dimension being based on the original image size. Or adjust the shortest edge size, with the other edge being based on the original image size. Or fit the image to a box of a defined width and height. Or enlarge the image if the original or the cropped part is too small for the requested size. And so on. Also possible is batch cropping and straightening (only for images of the same size); batch image format conversion; and batch image rotation by 90 degrees.

Also worthy of note is the ability to always crop an image, unless the user chooses to deform it; a Crop Only feature that makes it possible to crop freely or with a defined aspect ratio; the ability to copy and paste the crop and straighten configuration between images of the same size, providing batch image cropping/straightening functionality; a Fixed Megapixel Count resizing type that defines the required image size in megapixels; the ability to crop and straighten individual images manually and to copy these crop settings to other images; batch image flipping and 180 degree rotation; the constraining of the original aspect ratio option in several resizing types; saving of the original (automatically detected) image format or in a user-defined alternative if unsupported; and support for images with transparency, such as transparent PNG. In addition, resized images can be saved by dragging them to Finder, dragged to another application supporting image dropping or copied to the system clipboard and pasted in another application supporting image pasting.

You might think the developer would have run out of new functionality to add at this point but you would be wrong. Version 2 introduces a redesigned resizing and cropping engine, which is said to perform more tasks in a single batch operation. Also new is the ability to resize an image to a specified file size; performing cropping and sizing in a single step; and the removal of limits on how small the cropped portion of an image, unless it falls below a specified size; an previews can be defined to show either the final image or the original, along with the cropped part.

Resize Sense 2 for Mac can be purchased on the VeprIT site for $19.99. A trial version is also available for download.