Purple HTML5 Animation Tool Provides Direct Adobe Photoshop File Import

The new Mac application is designed to create animated movies, interactive graphics, games or entire websites.

Applications for creating HTML5 animation creation are suddenly red hot. Adobe this week released a new version of the public preview for its Edge web motion and interaction design tool, which allows designers to bring animated content to websites, using such web standards as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. Aquafadas earlier released MotionComposer, which can also create animations that can run on the latest browsers, tablets, smartphones and iOS devices, such as iPhone and the iPad. And let's not forget Tumult Hype, one of the first such HTML5 animation tools.

Artifacts Software has now joined this group thanks to its Purple application, which allows users to create animations for display on webkit-compatible browsers, such as Safari, mobile Safari or Google Chrome. The app employs recent CSS extensions such as keyframes to deliver smooth animations, with the downside that not all browsers, including the upcoming Internet Explorer 10, support them. Purple offers a scenes- and keyframe-based timeline editing environment, with direct object manipulation provided for such tasks as moving, rotating and scaling objects on a zoomable canvas.

Designers will be particularly interested in Purple's Photoshop support, with users able to simply drag Photoshop files onto the Purple icon in the Dock. And yes, every image layer will result in a corresponding layer in the Purple animation. Sweet. In the case of complex files, a script is said to render every layer, combine groups and then open the file in Purple. Purple Moon, a dedicated preview client, is provided for previewing iPad or Android animations prior to publication.

Purple 1 for Mac is priced at $39.99, with more information available on the Artifacts Software site.