Punchcut Provides Free Photoshop Design Tools for Device Interface Design

The toolset includes Photoshop marquee-tool presets for common screen resolutions, a collection of common devices for design presentation, and a reference chart for resolutions and device landscape.

Punchcut is a specialist in the mobile industry, and have some interesting things to say about the state of mobile and the practices that can best move UI design forward. For example:

Relationships Matter when Everything is Connected
This is no longer a single-device world. People live in digital ecosystems where they are surrounded by multiple devices. The new mobility comes in new form factors: tablets, TVs, phones, and laptops to name a few. By focusing on just the handset experience or on just one device at a time, designers are missing an opportunity to craft deeper connections with people's lives. How do we help these devices work better together, rather than just coexist? The answer lies in "Distributed Experiences" — digital solutions that reach across the various devices within an ecosystem.

Punchcut has now released something it calls Pixel Proliferation: A Toolset for Managing Screen Resolutions, which addresses the problems of designing for the shifting landscape of device resolutions and screen sizes. It's available for free download on the Punchcut site.