ProStockMaster for Microstock Photo Uploading Now Available as Freeware

The cross-platform application, first released in 2006, is designed to help photographers submit images to stock photo sites.

Those who submit photos, or images of any kind, to the growing number of stock content sites know the time it can take to manage the many apects of this process, such as keywording, organizing and uploading photos. In the years since its release, ProStockMaster has apparently found favor with thousands of photographers who sell their work on stock sites, with developer Pixamba now making it available as a free download.

One of most important tasks managed by ProStockMaster is the simultaneous uploading of multiple images to such stock agencies as, , and The application also suggests additional keywords for the description of a stock photograph or illustration, providing built-in translation for more than 40 languages. It can be used to quickly find images on the photographer’s computer by indexing them with IPTC metadata, while also supporting Adobe XMP and EXIF metadata standards This metadata can be copied between similar images, reducing the preparation time for a series of photos taken at the same session, at the same location or with the same model. Image search is possible via keywords, titles or descriptions. ProStockMaster can also be used to keep track of per-image stats and earnings from some agencies.

ProStockMaster for Mac and Windows can be downloaded on the site.