PressWork Free Drag and Drop HTML5-based WordPress Framework Launched

The new open source theme framework promises coding-free WordPress site development.

With so many millions of sites based on WordPress, it's no surprise that there are an increasingly large number of ways to create and manage such sites. Most users are happy to perform a few cosmetic changes to the WordPress default theme, while on the other end of the spectrum hard-core developers spend their time building sites by coding them virtually from scratch. A middle ground has also found favor with those having medium to advanced coding skills, that of the WordPress theme framework, as exemplified by Genesis or ThemeHybrid.

Theme frameworks provide a foundation for users to create their own themes, providing such advantages as time savings, simplified development, the inclusion of ready to use CSS, HTML and PHP functions, built-in SEO features and a code base that's (hopefully) written to coincide with WordPress best standards. Also of great value are the lively online communities of fellow users, which go a long way to getting quickly up to speed and resolving ongoing issues.

While such frameworks are a significant step forward, they still require technical skills that are beyond the abilities of most site owners who would nevertheless like to take an active role in the creation and maintenance of their site. To meet the needs of such users, Headway Themes was launched in 2009, providing a drag and drop visual editor in conjunction with "hooks" for dropping in code snippets to add functionality. Now up to version 2, Headway has matured to the point where it has also found favor with developers as a quick way to build and modify sites for their clients.

The PressWork theme framework is similar to Headway 2 in that it provides an approach with appeal to both developers and beginners. From the developer perspective, PressWork's focus on HTML5 and CSS3 allows them to employ cutting-edge techniques. The creators of PressWork also claim that every element in the theme can be hooked into, providing virtually unlimited possibilities for extension. Beginners will pass on the hooks but can be counted on to jump on the visual front end, which allows users to define their layout of choice in the header, content, sidebar and footer via drag and drop. And both developers and beginners will embrace PressWork's free and open source nature. All in all, the theme framework is off to a promising start and worth checking out if you're looking for a new approach to creating and managing a WordPress site.

More information is available on the PressWork site.