Pixamba Media Management Launched for Microstock Image Users

The new digital asset management service is designed to help microstock photography users manage their portfolio of licensed stock images.

Pixamba is designed for purchasers of digital stock photography, specifically web and graphic designers, creative and advertising agencies, as well as academic users. Why? Because these fit the profile of those purchasing large quantities of inexpensive microstock photography. But just because such imagery is affordable enough to be consumed in large quantities doesn't mean that some organization isn't required for keeping on top of things.

For example, the web-based service helps users to index, store, search, tag, retrieve and back up their images, whether purchased from photo stock agencies or edited in-house. The service also provides real-time visibility of each stock image, from a variety of stock image suppliers, including when and how it was used and the current status of legal rights for further use. This makes it possible to set policy-based usage permissions for users and apply content security rules.

Functionality includes integrated search in customer user archives and across multiple stock agencies; automated indexing; support for most digital file formats; media cataloguing by folders, light boxes, companies and categories; and version control of image edits.

Pixamba has an entry price point of $4.99 per account for 3GB of space, with a free trial membership providing space for 100 MB of imagery. More information is available on the Pixamba site.