PicScout Enhances ImageExchange for Photo License Identification and Purchase

Explorer and FireFox plugins simplify the process of discovering image licence information and purchasing across the Web.

While professional designers rely on stock photo sites for the imagery used in their commercial projects, it's not uncommon to come across an intriguing image while poking through the results of Google or Yahoo image searches or indeed on any web page at any time. In fact, a recent HOW Design survey of more than 800 creative professionals showed that a surprising 71 percent use Google or Yahoo Images for image inspiration.

Inspiration is one thing but outside the confines of a stock photo site it's no easy task to determine if such images are available for purchase. And who hasn't heard stories of clients finding an image online and requesting it be used in a design project?

The goal of ImageExchange is not only to reveal the licensing information for such images, if indeed they are commercially available, but to also make it simple for the designer to make the purchase. To this end PicScout is making available free Explorer and FireFox plugins that display a right-hand panel indicating the total number of licensable images found on the page and providing image license type, pricing and other details, no matter what site is being viewed. It's then possible to click to make the purchase. Users can close the sidebar and still see a running total at the bottom of the browser indicating the total number of licensable images found on a page.

The beta versions of the plugins can be downloaded on the PicScout site.