PhotoshopCAFE Ships Three New Training DVDs

The new training titles cover HDR and Photoshop, Poser 8 and working with 3D in Photoshop Extended.

HDR and Photoshop (CS5), Second Edition is hosted by founder Colin Smith. Covering the creation of High Dynamic Range images, this title has been updated to include Photoshop CS5 and Photomatix 4, resulting in more than four hours of video training. Videos can be played fullscreen on Windows or Mac systems, including iPad, iPhone 4 and Apple TV. As with all three titles, source files are included to allow the user to work along with the training segements, topics of which include Pseudo Bracketed Images, Split Neutral Density Effect and Photomatix Tone mapping. The title is available as a disk or download and can be purchased on the site for $49.

Introduction to Poser 8 is hosted by Stephen Burns and provides two and a half hours of training that show how to create 3D characters that can be integrated with 2D or 3D work. Requiring no prior experience, the 23 lessons demonstrate how to pose a character, apply clothing and accessories, lighting and rendering, as well as export Poser characters so that Photoshop’s 3D layers will accept them properly. Introduction to Poser 8 can be purchased as a disk or download on the site for $49.

Stephen Burns is also the host for Introduction to Photoshop 3D, which during four hours of training provides a comprehensive overview of the 3D workflow and features of Photoshop CS5 Extended. Other topics include importing and exporting 3D objects from third-party programs; understanding UV map texturing, image based lighting, general lighting techniques and texturing; and creating a single 3D scene with multiple 3D objects in a visual story line. Introduction to Photoshop 3D can be purchased as a disk or download on the site for $49.