Photoshop CS6 Secrets for Digital Photographers Training Video Released

The latest version of this updated training resource includes 80 lessons spanning 10 hours of new video.

Colin Smith is a best-selling author, trainer and award-winning designer known for his photorealistic illustrations created entirely in Photoshop, and is also the founder of, one of the most popular sites dedicated to Photoshop. It's worth checking out the site's CS6 coverage, for example. Now in its sixth edition, Photoshop CS6 Secrets for Digital Photographers was one of the first titles released by PhotoshopCAFE and has remained popular over the years, in part due to the content being completely redone for each version of Photoshop, coupled with a real-world focus on the unique perspective of photographers who use Photoshop to improve their photos.

Videos can be played fullscreen on Windows or Mac systems, including iPad, iPhone 4 and Apple TV. Source files are included to allow the user to work along with the training segements, topics of which include Noise Reduction in Camera Raw, Color Correction, Creative Tone Treatments, Advanced Video Editing and Advanced Cutouts.

The title is available as a disk or download and can be purchased on the site for $99.99.