Photo Collage Maker Released for Collage Creation

The developer claims this is the only Windows application that can automatically generate high-resolution photographic collages.

According to Eugene Baryshnikov, the program’s chief developer, "A while back I saw an article in Forbes, which had a portrait of Steve Jobs made out of hundreds of tiny Apple icons and gadgets and decided to write a mathematical algorithm that could allow ordinary Windows users to create a photo collage like that automatically. As a result, we have developed a unique technology that was derived from the analysis of the Steve Jobs photomosaic." The portrait in question was created by Charis Tsevi.

Photo Collage Maker employs a wizard to speed collage creation, with the process beginning by the choice of the source photograph to make into a mosaic. The next step is to add a collection of images that will be used as source material for the collage, with the recommendation being 500 to 1500 images. Those without their own image collections can use several supplied with the application. The program then examine the source image and automatically recreates it as a mosaic. Options include the ability to specify the types of tiles to be used, such as mirrored or the degree of rotation. Users can also set a radius for eliminating neighboring duplicate tiles, increase or decrease the number of large pictures, select areas to be filled, or replace specific tiles in the final mosaic, which can be saved to JPEG, BMP, TIFF or PNG format.

Photo Collage Maker 1 for Windows can currently be purchased on the Artensoft site for $17.49 (regular $49.95). A trial version is also available for download.