Octopz Updates Online Collaboration Software

The new version makes it possible to work with 3D files, provides access to external web services and adds a text editor for real-time co-creation.

With the number of distributed teams of creatives on the rise, collaborating on visual projects via email and FTP is fast disappearing. There is no shortage of hosted solutions to facilitate the process of creative collaboration, with Octopz being one of the more recent. It provides an integrated environment in which text messaging, VoIP and webcams allow teams and partners to work together securely in real time, with up to five people able to synchronously view and mark up multiple document types in a Flash-based environment. Work can be saved and archived for subsequent retrieval, review and feedback.

The new version supports a broader range of document types, with 3D capability supporting true 3-dimensional polygonal models with CG or photographic textures. Users can upload content created in applications such as Autodesk’s Maya and 3ds Max, and Softimage’s XSI, and then view, manipulate and mark them up in the same manner as other document types. Also notable is a new text editor that allows collaborators to create new documents in real time as well as upload, or copy and paste, existing files and text for review and modifications. Revised documents are archived in Octopz and can be exported as a Microsoft Word file. Finally, a new interface between Octopz and Yahoo! allows users to access web services such as Yahoo! Maps and Flickr, with the Floorplanner web service to also soon be added.

A range of pricing plans are available, with a new Day Pass to become available at the end of May, 2008. This will allow users and guests unlimited access to a single Octopz Meeting Room for a period of 24 hours, for $9.95.

More information and a free trial is available on the Octopz site.