Night Skies 2 Texture Collection Now Available

The new DVD collection provides 20 night and twilight images, as well as two HDR moon images from Night Skies 1.

Hyperfocal Design provides a range of royalty-free imagery, with the V-Series line notable for its very high resolution and, in the case of HDRs, very high dynamic range. The images measure 14,000 X 3,500 pixels and are provided in 24-bit TIF and JPG formats, making them compatible with any 2D or 3D program. The skies are said to be applicable for use at high zoom levels for such applications as print, film and games. The hemispherical Night Skies cover a range of time and weather conditions and have been filtered to produce clean, crisp images. Night sky textures are mappable onto a hemisphere, cylinder or background.

The collection can be purchased on Hyperfocal Design's site for $197 as a DVD or for instant download.