NewPage Asks: Are You Looking Marvelous?

The NewPage paper company has added a new Looking Marvelous area to its TheTrueYou site related to questions of identity and site was launched earlier this year by NewPage, which produces the Signature True and Sterling Ultra papers. The site is regularly updated with thematic material geared to the design community, served up in an irreverent format.

The Looking Marvelous area examines how designers present themselves to their clients and provides some tips for refining this. Some of these are rather unexpected, such as an article by David B. Givens, Director of the Center for Nonverbal Studies, who stresses in Using Body language Effectively in Meetings that keeping an eye on shoulder movements is critical. Apparently Charles Darwin was the first to spot this. Givens says that "Darwin decoded the gesture as a universal sign of uncertainty that means the same thing in New Guinea as it does in New York. Science has recently confirmed Darwin's claim. So wherever in the world your meetings take place, you can read shoulders to read between the lines." Thank goodness for science!

Brave souls can upload their photos along with an "artist's statement" and Givens will provide his own take on what the image tells about you. Prior to doing so you can take advantage of four video tutorials to help polish your image, covering how to select the right portrait photographer, the importance of makeup, lighting techniques and photo-editing tips.