mProjector 3 Released for Flash-Based Widget and App Creation

The latest version makes it easier to create dynamic widgets and desktop-based rich Internet applications for Mac and Windows.

There are many ways to creating Flash-based applications, but mProjector lays claim to being one of the fastest, as well as providing some unique functionality. For example, it claims to be the sole authoring tool to create applications with smooth, anti-aliased windows for both Mac and Windows. With mProjector, Flash designers can go "beyond the browser" to create such things as widgets, games, CD-ROM titles, kiosk applications, autorun CD installers, system tray or toaster popup alert applications, branded news readers and screen buddies.

Applications and widgets can be compiled and tested directly from within the Flash IDE, although command line project building enables integration into Flex or Eclipse, and batch building and mass customization. mProjector supports on-the-fly window creation, allowing each window to play its own SWF and communicate with one another via custom-defined synchronous functions. 

Version 3 of mProjector adds alpha channel window drawing, Web content embedding, seven new ActionScript classes and more than 100 cross-platform functions directly into the Flash IDE. Also new is synchronous window to window communication from ActionScript, custom document handling, comprehensive menu support, and improved language, http and xml support.

mProjector 3 for Mac and Windows can be purchased for $199 on the Screentime site.