MirrorMe Released for Mirroring Artwork in Adobe Illustrator

The latest plugin from Astute Graphics can mirror artwork on single or multiple reflective axes.

While hundreds of plugins are available for Photoshop, those for Illustrator are much less common and are typically designed for particular tasks, such as creating bar codes, managing dynamic content or generating patterns. In contrast, Astute Graphics has made a name for itself with its Phantasm CS plugin, which improves on Illustrator's basic color adjustment capabilities and works with gradients, meshes, tweens, bitmaps, Live Trace and Live Paint, with all color adjustments available as Filters and Live Effects. The firm's VectorScribe plugin also seeks to enhance the core functionality of Illustrator but this time in the area of creating and editing the actual vector outlines of an illustration. The firm has also released DrawScribe Designer, which includes the InkScribe and Dynamic Sketch vector artwork creation tools, for saving time during the initial drawing process, SubScribe Designer, which makes it possible to perform such tasks as defining circles and arcs with two or three points, WidthScribe, which allows Illustrator users to complete complex stroke width alterations with the ease of using a brush and ColliderScribe, which adds several tools to provide improved object positioning within Illustrator.

Does Illustrator really need that much help from third-party developers? The answer would seem to be yes, since Astute Graphics has now released yet another plugin, MirrorMe, designed to allow users to recycle existing artwork elements into new designs and patterns. The results can then be enhanced with Illustrator's Pattern tool or with other Astute Graphics plugins. Another usage is to just draw half an object and let it be mirrored while you draw, afterwards making the required changes with Illustrator's editing tools or plugins such as WidthScribe or InkScribe.

Mirroring can be applied to a section or layer, with users able to define the origin, axis angle and the number of axes. Live annotations provide feedback and it's possible to pause and resume mirroring on layers, as well as copy and paste mirror axes in and across documents. Also handy is autotrim and the joining of paths across axes.

MirrorMe for Mac and Windows Illustrator CS5-CC can be purchased for $58 on the Astute Graphics site. A trial version is also available for download.