miApp Mobile App Creation Platform Announced

The Web-based, drag-and-drop design studio allows users to create applications and interactive ad campaigns, and then deploy them across multiple mobile app stores.

If mobile devices are proving to be a rapidly-growing market for downloadable applications, the variety of operating systems, programming languages, phone form factors and aspect ratios makes it difficult for designers and developers to quickly create applications that work consistently for all customers. Beyond development, managing applications within the growing number of online stores is proving more and more complex.

GoldSpot Media has provided a solution that begins by allowing designers to create, update and manage applications across a broad range of devices without the need to write code. Currently supported iPhone, Android, RIM, Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile devices. The platform also manages advertising, by allowing users to employ video, in-application, in-stream and custom call-to-action ad units within applications.

More information is available on the GoldSpot Media site.