Jupitermedia Acquires eStockMusic.com Micropayment Music Site

The acquisition adds a micropayment music business to Jupiterimages' micropayment offerings of royalty-free digital images and footage on Stockxpert.com.

The Jupiterimages division of Jupitermedia maintains more than nine million images online, available to creatives via such brands as BananaStock, Workbook Stock, Brand X Pictures, FoodPix, Botanica, Nonstock, The Beauty Archive, Comstock Images, Creatas Images, PictureQuest and Liquidlibrary. Beyond still imagery it also supplies animations, stock footage and Flash clips, as well as music via its StudioCutz.com and RoyaltyFreeMusic.com sites.

The eStockMusic.com site is the musical equivalent of Stockxpert.com, providing visitors with access to a growing library of categorized, royalty-free music clips in MP3 format. It uses a similar credit-based system for purchase, with tracks priced at $1 a minute. Credits can be puchased in packages from 10 to 100. The collection is driven by member uploads, with artists receiving 40% of the revenue from sales, rising to 50% for tracks exclusive to the site.

"We are very excited to launch one of the first micropayment music businesses in the world," stated Alan M. Meckler, Chairman and CEO of Jupitermedia Corporation. "We now offer royalty-free digital music to fit every budget and need."