InfoLogic Updates MathMagic Pro Equation Editor for InDesign and QuarkXPress

The latest version of the visual editor for creating equations and symbols adds functionality as well as updated InDesign CS3 and CS4 plugins.

Creating complex mathematics, physics, electronics or accounting equations within InDesign and XPress documents can be a painful process. MathMagic Pro provides a solution that includes an InDesign plugin or XPress XTension. Also included is the MathMagic Pro application itself and specialized fonts in TrueType, PostScript and OpenType formats. Users construct equations in the MathMagic Pro application and send them to the XPress document, for example, with the XTension making it possible to place the equations inside a text box as an inline graphic or as floating graphic object in EPS graphic boxes. Such equations are handled by XPress in the same manner as any EPS graphic, but double-clicking on them allows them to be edited.

Those involved in technical publishing often receive Microsoft Word documents from writers. Version 6.91 can extract all equations from MS Word documents to external files for later use and can also batch-convert the equations to any formats that MathMagic supports, such as EPS, JPEG, PDF, PICT, MathML or LaTeX. Other new functionality includes increased macro support, a new variable height angle template, and updated InDesign CS3 and CS4 plugins.

MathMagic Pro Edition 6.91 for InDesign 2.0-CS4 or QuarkXPress 6-8, can be purchased for $499 on the InfoLogic site, with the Personal version priced at $119.95. Version 4.91 for Windows is also available, as are trial versions for both operating systems.