Imagaro Z Showcased at Macworld

Imagaro Z, a new advanced autotracing software program with typeface identification and replacement, was showcased at Macworld in San Francisco Jan 6-9th. Imagaro Z handles color, black/white, and greyscale graphics from your scanner or opens directly over a dozen file types including AI, EPS, JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, and PCX.You can select from a variety of tracing methods including outline, centerline, combi-line, and photo raster. Using advanced Sensedge (tm) technology, Imagaro Z quickly converts scanned or bitmap graphics into high quality scalable vector graphics.

Vectorized logos can be edited and simplified for precision by combining curves, straightening lines, etc. using "smart cleanup tools." One of the most amazing features of Imagaro Z is an integrated tool called "FontEye". With FontEye, you can quickly identify scanned type using a built-in library of 17,000 fonts. Identify text right in the graphic you are working on, (even if words have been compressed, expanded or stretched), then quickly replace the scanned text with a perfect vector original created from the original font.

Graphics made with Imagaro Z are scalable without loss in quality and can be exported to almost any other graphics software. This program was designed for anyone working with design and layout for ads, brochures, other printed matter, sign making, engraving, routing, silk screen printing, large format printing etc,

Program is available for Mac or PC from ProCut-Plus located in Portland, OR 503-258-0937

System Requirements:
Mac OS 9/X including Panther. Minimum PowerPC processor & 64 MB RAM.
Recommended computer: at least G3 with 128 MB RAM.

Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000 or XP.
Recommended computer: at least 128 MB RAM.