ID2Q for Adobe InDesign to QuarkXPress Document Conversion

The XTension now converts InDesign CS5.5 to QuarkXPress 9 format, while preserving the elements and formatting of the original document.

While Markzware is best known for its range of document preflighting solutions, it also provides Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress document conversion software. MarkzTools, for example, converts between versions of XPress, while Q2ID converts from XPress to InDesign. First released in 2003, ID2Q goes in the other direction by converting from InDesign to XPress. Markzware claims that all elements of the InDesign document, including page positioning, fonts and styles, images and text attributes, as well as tables, layers, blends, runarounds, linked text boxes and anchor boxes, Pantone colors and other color models, can be converted with a single click.

ID2Q converts and transforms files created with InDesign on either Windows or Mac systems into a new QuarkXPress file that can be opened on either platform. Who would find such a conversion process useful? The primary market is designers working exclusively with XPress, who can employ this XTension to accept projects from clients that involve reworking documents originally created with InDesign. It's also apparently popular with international corporations that employ different layout tools across their offices and want to avoid having to recreate all or part of an InDesign document from scratch.

As well as support for InDesign 5.5, XPress 9 and Lion, version 6 of ID2Q adds a number of post conversion fix options: Overflowed Text Boxes, Linked Text Boxes, Items with Run Around Specified and Auto Adjust Tables.

ID2Q 6 for Mac and Windows can be purchased on the Markzware site for $199.