Getty Images Provides Artist Digital Toolkit for Contributors

The new material encourages content contributors to send traffic to the Getty Images site.

Ask any photographer why they contribute images to a stock photo collection and they'll cite two main reasons: seeing their work used creatively and, not surprisingly, making money. Getty Images has made it easier for contributors to potentially earn more income by providing a number of solutions for them to link to their work on via logos, web banners, email templates and a simple Facebook app. Contributors can personalize every tool, as well as choose the imagery and footage they would like to showcase and can use either static or dynamic web banners on their personal websites.

Related is the launch of the Contributor Affiliate Programme, which offers contributors the opportunity to earn a commission as a result of directing traffic from their personal websites and social media channels to that then results in purchases. Contributors can earn 15% commission for new users or 7% for existing Getty Images customers on all sales.

More information is available on the Getty Images site.