Foveon Announces X3F Raw File Support for Adobe Photoshop

Santa Clara, CA -- Foveon Inc., a technology leader of award-winning high-quality digital camera image sensors, has announced that Adobe Systems Incorporated now provides Foveon X3F raw file support with their free plug-in update for Photoshop® CS. The new Adobe Camera Raw 2.2 plug-in is immediately available for download online at:
Foveon X3F raw files produce stunningly high-quality images and come from digital cameras that incorporate the Foveon X3 direct image sensor.  Current models available include the 10 Megapixel Sigma SD9 and SD10, and newly announced 4.5 Megapixel Polaroid x530 digital cameras.  Foveon X3 direct image sensors create vibrant, sharp images, since they are the only image sensor chips that directly capture color in three layers (red, green and blue) at every point in the image, just like color film. 
Support of the Foveon X3F raw file format will enable users to import, open, and edit X3F images in Photoshop, the most widely-used image editing program on the market.  This integrated Photoshop support will benefit Foveon X3 based digital camera owners and other users of X3F files.
"Adobe's Photoshop software is the core of virtually every digital image editing system used on personal computers today. Their decision to support our raw file format reflects the market's growing desire to use the complete color capture provided by Foveon X3 based digital cameras," said Federico Faggin, Foveon's CEO.
For more information, see Foveon's web site: .
About Foveon and X3 Direct Image Sensors
Since its establishment in 1997, Foveon has focused on the development of image capture technologies and products for digital cameras.  The company's X3 direct image sensors are the world's only image sensors that directly capture red, green, and blue light at every point in an image.
The design of the X3 direct image sensor leverages the natural color separation property of silicon.  When silicon is exposed to light, blue light is absorbed near the surface, green light is absorbed deeper, and red light is absorbed deepest within the silicon.  In Foveon X3 direct image sensors, pixels are placed at these corresponding depths in the silicon to detect the red, green, and blue light that has been absorbed.  This stacked-pixel design ensures that all of the color is captured at every point in an image.
In contrast, the traditional CCD and CMOS image sensors used in today's digital cameras capture only one color per pixel location and must mathematically interpolate the two colors not detected. This interpolation process results in false colors, reduced resolution, and color artifacts.