FotoMagico Updated for Mac Photo Presentations

This presentation tool for professional photographers creates slide shows that make use of a wide variety of transitions, with the ability to add titles and synchronize slides with music. It supports most file formats and makes use of ColorSync to ensure image color fidelity, while displaying images at the highest possible quality provided by the graphics card. An Apple Remote can be used to fully control a presentation by pausing, resuming or stopping it as desired.

A Sharing Assistant helps create high-resolution shows burned to DVD, with a standalone player preserving the original quality of the images. The Assistant can also be used for exporting slide shows for playback on an iPod, iPhone or Apple TV. Web templates facilitate the creation of slide show-based movies. Boinx claims that by simply selecting a template, FotoMagico will create the required movie file, as well as the HTML code required for embedding in a web page. It can then upload all the required files to a designated FTP server. Also worthy of note is support for multiple layers, which lets users mix and match photos, videos and titles on a single slide; a Timeline for making precise adjustments to slide duration and transitions with click-and-drag; and Audio Waveform, which lets users sync music with slides and adjust volume fades from the Timeline.

FotoMagico supports the iMedia Browser framework, making it possible to access GarageBand songs, iLife sound effects and their media libraries from iTunes, iPhoto and Aperture, as well as Adobe Lightroom. A teleprompter allows users to show their photos on one display and read their notes for every slide on another. This provides a preview of what comes next, as well as the ability to easily move between any slide in the storyboard. A YouTube export option makes it possible to upload photo presentation videos directly to the popular video hosting site.

It's also possible to work with up to six layers per slide, allowing a multitude of combinations of images, videos and titles. A Timeline mode makes possible precise adjustments to each slide’s duration, as well as the transition length between slides. Syncing music and photos is said to be easier by simply setting Audio Markers to trigger transitions in the slideshow. Support has also been added for the MacBook Pro's Retina display. Users can also apply masks to images, movies or titles in the shape of a rectangle or oval to highlight or hide a specific area of the desired image. It's possible to fine-tune masks by moving and scaling, inverting and blurring the edges, independently of the layer they apply to. Users can also change individual layer opacity to create partially transparent images, movies or titles.

With version 5 FotoMagico is provided in both entry level and Pro versions. Both benefit from a new Snippets feature, which makes it possible to insert user-generated photo and video content into pre-built stories to create slideshows. Users can also create new Snippets to streamline the production of slideshows, which is said to be useful for those working with clients. Music Snippets come with music and are pre-loaded with timed audio markers, ensuring that stories are synchronized with the matching music. An Animation Assistant ensures slideshows move automatically, while handling a variety of photo aspect ratios, such as portrait, panorama, movie and text properties. A new Dark User Interface is included to make photos and videos stand out.

But it's the Pro users who receive most of the new functionality in version 5. A new Audio Marker Assistant offers more precise control over timing, thanks to precisely synchronized music and slides. Then there's the new Audio Volume Envelopes and Fades, which provide audio level controls that adust the volume of music to match the voice of the presenter or let the video audio take center stage. Improved text editing and text placeholders are said to facilitate the editing and formating of titles. Other Pro features include a timeline view; record narration; access to Lightroom and Aperture libraries; teleprompter support; chapter support; masks, borders and color correction; and additional sharing options, such as the Standalone Player, ProRes video and custom video. Conclusion? Go for the Pro version.

FotoMagico 5 for OS X can be purchased for $49.99 on the Boinx site, with the Pro version priced at $99.95. A trial version is also available for download.