Flash CS3: Animation Secrets Training CD Released

The latest training title from PhotoshopCAFE.com provides techniques for creating a range of advanced Flash animation effects.

To bring ideas to life, it's not just about learning how the tools of applications such as Photoshop or Flash work. Rather, what's needed is knowledge of what tools to use, in what sequence, with what settings, to achieve a particular effect. This can be revealed by trial and error, but it's simpler to learn such techniques from those who have already mastered them.

In the case of Flash, one is in good hands with Chris Georgenes, the presenter of Flash CS3: Animation Secrets. Chris is no stranger to the Flash community, as a featured artist at the Adobe Design Centre and an active Adobe Certified Expert who speaks at such events as the Flash Forward Conference and Adobe MAX. Backing this up is a client list that includes Adobe, Yahoo!, Cartoon Network and AOL.

The Animation Secrets CD provides 80 minutes of training, divided into such topics as animated drop and cast shadows; panning and zooming camera effects; making your animations walk; and smoke and steam effects. Lesson files are included for viewers to follow along at their own pace.

Available for Mac and Windows, Flash CS3: Animation Secrets can be purchased on the PhotoshopCAFE.com site for $39.99.