Deframe Enhanced for Repurposing Mac Video Content

While major developers like Adobe or Quark can be counted on to provide applications that meet the needs of a broad range of those involved in design and development, it's often the small shops that create tools that provide niche functionality. Einstein's Legacy is a case in point, having earlier released the novel LightTable for Mac. It followed that up with Deframe, which allows users to get more value from their Mac video assets.

Designed for videographers, editorial production staff and corporate media professionals, Deframe makes it possible for users to store images individually or packaged as a PDF contact sheet and allows video clips to be exported in various sizes for a number of different devices.

Image extraction enables users to extract a single frame at a specific movie time or multiple frames from within a time range, with the possibility to store extracted images individually or packaged together as a PDF contact sheet or or as a segment summary. Video clip extraction lets users create new clips from any portion of the original movie. These clips can be exported in a range of sizes for a variety of Apple devices. Users can specify a consistent size and format (e.g, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP or GIF) for all generated images and image sequences. It's possible to extract a single image, pull multiple images from within a time range or create another movie clip from a portion of a movie. To ease the extraction process, Movie Overview generates an image grid that displays a visual outline of a movie's content.

Version 2 is said to provide a new user interface, notably in the form of a dark theme to make long "deframing" sessions more comfortable. New types of extractions have been added and interoperability between other applications has been enhanced — users can thus drag and drop, or copy, high-resolution images directly from Deframe to their applications. It's also possible to share images, segments, contact sheets and summaries using Vimeo, Facebook and similar services.

Deframe 2.1 for Mac can be purchased for $19.95, with more information on the Einstein's Legacy site. A trial version is also available for download.