Cubify Sculpt Launched for 3D Printable Object Creation

The new Windows application is designed to lower the bar for those wishing to create their own 3D printed objects.

With the interest in 3D printing contining to grow in the consumer space, enthusiasts are increasing looking at ways to go beyond just printing obejcts found in online respositories. Instead, they want to either be able to personalize these or create entire objects from scratch. Unfortunately, the current generation of 3D creation programs was not created with 3D printing in mind and most applications, whether commercial or free, present learning curves that most users would find discouraging.

An alternative is programs like the free Sculptris, which employ a non-technical approach to object creation in which the user simply pulls and pushes "virtual clay" to create an object. 3D Systems has now stepped into the ring with Cubify Sculpt, which should appeal to those wishing to create simple organic shapes.

Users can either start from scratch or import an STL, OBJ, PLY or CLY file and then modify it using the program's modeling tools to create cavities and extrusions. It's also possible to add embossing with patterns and textures by either choosing from a provided library or by importing a custom displacement map. A nice touch is the ability to add color with the paintbrush feature and have the full-color design printed via Cubify's cloud print service using its Colorstone material. Since the program saves work as a 3D print-ready STL file, it's also possible to print objects on other printers. A number of templates of such objects as a mug, ring, dog tag, shoes and decorative bottle are included to get users up to speed.

Cubify Scupt for Windows can be purchased on the Cubify site for $129, which seems to us a bit on the expensive side. A free trial is also available.