CircularFLO Updated for Creating Fixed-layout ePubs

The latest version of the Mac application can recreate Adobe InDesign books as fixed-layout ePub3 and Amazon KF8 files.

CircularFLO was introduced almost two years ago as a solution to the inability of Adobe InDesign to generate fixed-layout ebook files — Apple's variant of the ePub format, which maintains the positioning of design and layout, similar to that of the Adobe PDF format. Amazon has its own fixed-width ebook format, KF8.

Curiously, Adobe has yet to meet the need of large publishers or individual authors to generate such ebooks from InDesign, so CircularFLO has gone through several iterations with no real competition. The book creation process is simple enough. Designers create their publications using the Mac version of InDesign as they always would, adding styled text, video and hyperlinks to designated layers. They then run CircularFLO and generate a fixed-layout ePub, complete with table of contents, that appears in iTunes, which can be synched immediately for viewing on iPads or iPhones. Text is said to remain live, in position and fully searchable.

The program is available as a free trial download, although you'll have to pay a one-time charge of $199 for each book actually produced, which includes unlimited book updates. New in version 3 is support for the latest ePub3 format, currently supported by Apple and Kobo, with Google and Nook apparently soon to follow. Fixed layout KF8 files can also be made directly from InDesign and from the same ePub3 file.

More information and the free download is available on the Circular Software site. The free trial version of CircularFLO is restricted to the first 10 pages of any book and a watermark is applied