Camtasia Studio Updated for Windows Screencasting

The latest version adds display functionality and support for Apple iPhone and iPod touch viewing.

Camtasia Studio is designed to simplify the creation and distribution of screencasts, demonstrations, marketing content, PowerPoint-based video presentations and interactive training. The software records everything displayed on the user's screen, including interaction with any Windows application or web site, as well as voice input. The resulting content can then be edited and made available in common streaming media formats such as Flash, fixed media including CD or DVD, and portable media players.

Camtasia Studio also includes some interesting twists, such as its SmartFocus feature, which lets users create smooth, automatic zoom and pan action with a single mouse click. This can help focus viewer attention on desired points of interest and provide visual clarity when delivering screencasts inside small playback windows, such as blogs, video sharing sites or on mobile devices. Snap-to-App is said to automatically place applications, dialogue boxes and the cursor in the right recording position at the right time to ensure smooth action, reduce editing time, and ensure clear and professional presentations. Also of note is the related site, which simplifies the process of quickly sharing content while maintaining the quality of the original presentation.

New in version 5.1 are callouts and spotlights for emphasizing screen elements; the ability to add background music via a third audio track; support for the iPhone and iPod touch; TechSmith ExpressShow for customizing Flash FLV videos; and web menu creation for videos with Camtasia Theater.

Camtasion Studio 5.1 can be purchased for $299 on the TechSmith site. A trial version is also available for download.