Blatner Tools Plugin Suite for Adobe InDesign Ships

The plugin suite designed by David Blatner for DTP Tools adds functionality to Adobe InDesign.

David Blatner is an InDesign expert known for his books and participation in the InDesign Secrets site, as well as his role as editorial director of InDesign Magazine and The InDesign Conference. Blatner earlier released a free InDesignSecrets plugin, created by veteran plugin developer DTP Tools.

Blatner Tools for Adobe InDesign was first made available in October as a beta for Mac or PC InDesign CS3 and CS4. The collection of 12 plugins adds dozens of features that can perform such tasks as applying a keyboard shortcut to a color swatch, a layer, or any style; automatically converting unstyled text to true paragraph and character styles; finding which graphic in an InDesign file contains a particular spot color; removing the local text formatting from a whole document; comparing two similar paragraph styles to see how they're different; and placing a script in a menu for easy access.

Blatner Tools for Adobe InDesign can be purchased on the DTP Tools site for $149. A demo version is also available for download.