Artistry Line Art Tutorials for Corel Painter 8.1 Released

Available either as a downloadable Acrobat file or on CD, the Artistry Line Art tutorials show how working cartoonists and illustrators use Painter to color line art using brushes, layers and fill options."I think one of the most interesting things about the Artistry Line Art tutorials is that they show how different artists have found different solutions for the same thing," says editor/publisher Karen Sperling.

"Some artists keep the line art in the canvas and paint in the layer. Others do the opposite, that is, they put the line art in the layer and paint in the canvas. Still others use layers to do both the lines and color. It''s interesting to see all the different approaches described step-by-step in the tutorials. Then the reader can choose which technique works best for him or her."

The Artistry Line Art tutorials are available from the Artistry web site, either individually:

or as part of a set of Artistry CDs, including a free CD in the Buy 3 CDs get a 4th CD Free sale:

For those who prefer live instruction vs. written tutorials, there are seats available at the Artistry Corel Painter retreats:

and Karen Sperling is available for one-on-one Corel Painter training by telephone:

The original Painter expert, Karen Sperling wrote the first several Painter manuals starting when the program debuted in 1991, in addition to the Painter Complete series of books. Karen has taught Painter since its debut to everyone from free-lance artists and photographers to staff artists and designers at major motion picture and greeting card companies. She has also given seminars and demo''s of Painter at American Film Institute, Macworld, Seybold, the Professional Photographers of America and SIGGRAPH.

For more information write to Karen Sperling at or .