Allegorithmic Ships Substance Designer for Texture Creation

The new app is designed to allow 3D artists to quickly generate large numbers of dynamic textures, using a node-based approach.

Allegorithmic is best known as the provider of middleware for the authoring and on-the-fly rendering of procedural textures, with customers typically using 3D tools and creating content for the game industry, as well as for film, broadcast and design visualization. Its focus is to allow users to create textures in a flexible environment, with the end result being textures that are both small and fast-loading.

Substance Designer is a Windows application that allows users to generate a large number of dynamic textures in an iterative manner, combining bitmap and vector graphics, and a procedural textures mixer. Included is a large set of templates and unique filters, such as bitmap to material, automatic tiling, automatic shadows or rust generator. Textures made with Substance Designer are dynamic and remain highly customizable at every stage of the creation process. The emphasis is on texturing for 3D, with the automatic creation of normal, specular and diffuse maps. Export formats include BMP, TGA, GIF, JPG, PNG, DDS and TIF. Also included is Substance Player, a standalone application to allow others to review user creations, and a collection of samples for training purposes.

Substance Designer is available for purchase for $$2,990 per seat on the Allegorithmic site. A trial version is also available.