Before & After Releases Design Essentials Video

The focus of the new CD is to provide fledgling designers with "an idea, a tip, a quick fix to turn your project from blah into bravo."

Not everyone that needs to design effective publications has a graphic design background. In fact, many of those creating in-house publications have no formal design training whatsoever and yet they're expected to quickly crank out good-looking material of all kinds. Its folks like these that, for more than 20 years, have found Before & After magazine's practical approach to graphical design something of a lifesaver.

The publication recently released the Master Collection CD, which contains its first 50 issues in searchable PDF form. And it has now followed this up with Design Essentials (that every graphic designer should know). The one-hour CD provides an hour of training, divided into 12 segments, with a focus on "some of the best, most repeatable, time-saving techniques that we know," including Know your story; Keep it simple; Have a focal point; Get extreme: Put white to work; Get unblocked; Set type boldly; and Use beautiful color. If you need to create professional-looking documents and have no idea what you're doing, then this has your name on it. It can be ordered from the Before & After site for $49.95.