Adobe Flash Content to be More Easily Indexed

Adobe is working with Google and Yahoo to enhance the findability of dynamic, Flash-based content.

According to Danny Sullivan, editor-in-chief,, “Designers and Web developers have long been frustrated that search engines couldn’t better access the information within their content created with Flash technology. It’s great to see Adobe and the search engines working directly together to improve the situation.” Sullivan was commenting on a recent initiative in which Adobe began working with Google and Yahoo (hello, Microsoft?) to improve search results of dynamic Web content and rich Internet applications (RIAs).

While search engines currently index static text and links within Flash SWF files, the Web content represented by RIAs and other dynamic content running in the Flash Player has proven elusive. By making such content indexable with no workarounds on the part of the developer, Adobe hopes to remove one of the barriers of acceptance in its vision of a Flash-centric Web. Google has apparently already made changes to enable this, with Yahoo pledging to follow suit in the future.

So brace yourself for the appearance of a slew of new destinations appearing in your search engine results. Microsoft is in an awkward spot when it comes to raising the profile of Adobe Flash within results for its own search engine, given its Silverlight alternative to Flash, which it claims was designed from the get-go to be search engine friendly. Of course, if that Yahoo deal had just gone through...