ACD Canvas Tutorial Ezine

If you're already a Canvas 9 user, or a newcomer that wishes to learn more about its graphics capabilities, please see my Canvas-related website, where you can download a free sample of The Canvangelist ezine, see many examples of made-in-Canvas artwork, as well as order a unique DVD of stock photos, original Canvas illustration documents, exclusive PDF tutorials and more.The Canvangelist magazine offers its readers unique ACD Canvas-related information, instruction and examples of Canvas' graphics capabilities. The e-zine is designed with and exported in PDF format using Canvas as the graphics hub. See the website to download a free 10-page sample of issue #1, or see pop-up thumbnails of all 10 issues.

Each issue of The Canvangelist revolves around a design theme to make designing it (for me) and reading it (for you) even more fun. The Canvangelist also seeks to inform non-Canvas users that they are missing out on something special, and to inspire them to give Canvas a try.